I will definitely try it!

You can do it! The taste of our red wines is captivating, full, juicy and of course tempting. It tempts you to taste it! An incomparable experience when you taste 7 or 9 different red wines in a row!

Each of them has a different story, you associate different memories with them and different thoughts and feelings arise in you!

Our wine rows are characterized by the perfect combination of harmony and uniqueness: we have carefully selected them so that their flavors harmonize, while at the same time their special unique characteristics come to the fore.

And not only because of this, they are also interesting, but also because you can taste our wonderful wine selections at three different locations:

  • In our wonderful restaurant, the Lator Wine Bistro
  • Under the Lator Wine Bistro in our tradicional cellar
  • And in the Lator Wine Bar which is found in our Vinery

Each of them provides a cozy location for a wonderful taste experience!


Classic wine tasting box (wine/1 dl) 4900,- / Person

Maul Boross Estate wines and Lator:

  • Diva 2022.
  • Blonde 2022.
  • Solár 2022.
  • Servus Rosé 2022.
  • Vizió 2021.
  • Seraf 2020.
  • Lator 2019.

Prémium wine tasting box (wine/0,5 dl) 8900,-/Person

Zsolt Maul Premium Winery wines:

  • Lator 2019.
  • Hedonista 2019.
  • Lilla 2019.
  • Dávid 2018.
  • Dániel 2018.
  • Démon 2019.
  • Creator 2020.


Premium wine tasting box 15.000,-/Person

Tasting 9 types of 14 different 2020 and 2021 premium wines!


An exclusive location, which is special because it is located in our winery and our wonderful barrels can be seen through the glass panorama. Before tasting the selection, you can go through all the steps of winemaking as part of a cellar tour, where you can learn interesting facts and secrets!

We hold a Premium wine show in our bar, which can accommodate 12 people 20.000,-/Person

  • Welcome drink: Solár 2022.
  • 8 types of Premium barrel batches from the wines of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 vintages

The wine presentation can be supplemented with our fantastic premium cold platter (cheeses, spreads), which perfectly complements the taste of our wines.

Price: 5000,-/Person

A prior appointment is required for the Premium barrel tasting!

Information and reservations: +36 20 284 0206