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Maul Zsolt

"I don’t know what I love more, chasing pleasure, or the pleasure of the chase"

I an restless, I vibrate, I smile.

All of them are dictated by my soul: I enjoy life and wonderful wines contribute to this. Because I don't make them, I create them. It excites me to think about creating something new. Something that wasn't there before. Because every wine is different. As are the people who drink it.

That's why ours is the perfect get-together: My wines and your meeting

One drop is enough to pull you in, give you strength, to make you fly high like a Phoenix, or to radiate your confidence just like a loin. I am in constant motion, just like my wines that pour out of the bottles. Taste them and feel what I feel: there are no limits, I create, I mark my route! I never rest, to me average or simply good isn't good enough!

I strive for excitment, pulse, and magic!

Zsolt Maul

We have something in common! We all work to hear these three words:

„I can only recomment!”

Everything is included in this sentence, the appreciative result of a lot of work, the positive feedback of dedication and perseverance.

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