You have stepped trough the door of the Lator Wine Bistro and you are not only here, but you are with us.

We don't just offer wonderful food and award-winning wines, we also offer a sense of life: freedom, self-forgetfulness, relaxation. Love and respect for life.
You will receive this from us forever, so that you can take it with you and have it with you even when you are not with us.
We love the change of seasons, when the end of something is also the beginning of something new. Just like when grape become wine. Even more than that, our chef, Egon Kopis, likes the seasons, and he constantly prepares a new menu accordingly, so that he can always conjure up wonderful dishes from the freshest, tastiest vegetables.
We really like it, and to our great pleasure, so do you, as your laudatory feedback tells us so!
You could ask our sommelier Balázs Farkas anything, really! He knows everything about wines! And not only about them: he knows secrets and tells humorous stories! It perfectly combines the profession with knowledge and jokes.
If you are curious, like to explore, to follow new paths in terms of food, not only in life, then come to us!

We look forward to seeing you in Villány!

Opening hours:

Wednesday-Thursday 14:00-21:00

Friday 12:00-22:00

Saturday 10:00-22:00

Only for wine sales on Sundays 10:00-12:00

Our Menu

Information and reservation: 

Phone: +36 20 284 0206

We don't recommend, we promise!

Fantastic colors, tastes, flavors and special experiences that will bring back wonderful memories.

Our beautiful Lator Wine Bistro with its elegant interior is suitable for corporate events for up to 75 people.